Empower Your Union with Advanced Data Technology

ACE for Unions strives to balance labor markets by applying forward-thinking data analytics and automation via powerful, intuitive web and mobile applications.

Improve Your Members’ Quality of Life

ACE for Unions mobile app puts the power back into your union members’ hands. Workers can report possible contract violations in under a minute and get instant automated updates from their union about their claims and other crucial union-related information.

Quickly and Easily Process Reports

ACE for Unions web app is a data-driven dashboard that allows your union staff and volunteers to quickly process the reports coming in through the mobile app. Ultimately, your union will be able to increase recovered pay to your members and strengthen your ability to help them negotiate better contracts with their company. 

Our Mission

As capitalism evolves into the 21st century, myriad forces including a growing pool of free market actors are upending long-held norms around the nature of employer and employee, and that create the conditions for exploitation, but also for opportunity.

We choose to stand on the side that sees this as an opportunity for the dislodged worker because we fundamentally believe in the value of work and in the dignity of each and every person.

Our products initially serve the airline industry, but we aim to expand to other organized labor missions, and ultimately wish to serve all 150 million-plus American workers.

Empower your union now.